Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 28 - 44 oz.

Today was a 44 oz. kind of day.  My allergies are out of control, so I couldn't resist going by Sonic this morning to fill up on Coke Zero with Lime.  Somehow, it made my morning that much better.

Most mornings go fairly smoothly, I can't complain because I am the only girl getting dressed in the morning at my household.  I know the drama that can ensue because I grew up with two other sisters sharing a bathroom and it can get Uh-Ga-Lee. 

Nevertheless, we still have drama.  I have been rather amused at Josh and his choice of attire.  He insists on wearing skinny jeans.  He has about 6 pairs of pants that he can choose from, but 4 out of 5 days he wears his skinny jeans.  I do have to wash them a couple times per week.  Usually in the morning he is pulling them from his hamper or pulling them out of the dryer.

This is when it gets funny. 

We all know how jeans just out of the dryer feel.  A little tight.  I have very fond memories of the maneuvers I went through in Jr. High and High School where skin tight jeans were the norm.  I even did a demonstration/paper report for my English class on "How to Fit in your Jeans."  Somehow I didn't think my 1st grader would have this same type of experiences.  Especially a BOY!  Please, I don't think he should suffer for fashion.  Nobody should..until they reach Jr. High.

Imagine Josh laying down on his bed while his Mom zips and buttons his jeans.  I plead with him to change into another pair of pants, but he wants the Skinny Jeans. 

I did realize something though, it is not so much the fashion as it is his desire to be like his big brother.  Of course Brett has to wear "Super Skinny" Levis because they are the only thing that fits.  He also needs to wear a belt with said Levis.  As Josh was admiring himself in the mirror, he said, "Mom, when I am 10 am I going to look just like Brett?"


Anonymous said...

So Stinkin Cute Joshy!! LP

Lisa said...

that is so cute. and yes, you are lucky not to have FOUR girls and a mom trying to get ready at once! ha

The Reed Family said...

I just went back and read a bunch of posts and holy cow is all i have to say! is your house dried out? And i think we need to send Carter your way for some baseball practice! Josh is amazing!

Toni Layton said...

I actually remember that speech!!!! Good stuff, and yeah, that makes us old. (Mrs. Bird's class right?)