Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 27 - Water Logged

It was a normal Wednesday.  I had taken the kids to school at 8 a.m. and went to work myself.  After I got off work, I did a few errands before I headed home by 3:00 pm just in time for the kids to walk in.  When I opened the door to my house, I thought, Man my house smells musty, I really need to clean!! 

Well, it smelled musty for a reason.  As I walked toward my bedroom, I saw a reflection from the sun shining off of the tile.  That is odd?  As I got closer I realized there was water in the hall.  My first thought, of course, was that the toilet broke and leaked water everywhere.  As I sloshed through the hall and made my way into the bathroom, I could hear water running.  I spotted the culprit.  My bathroom faucet was turned on..full blast for 7 hours.  The stopper was up almost all the way and we don't have an overflow in the sink.  So, the water ran over the sink on to the floor.  It also flowed into the bedroom, in the closet, through the walls, into the hall and even the garage!  I tried to put all my pool towels down, but knew this was over my head when all the towels were soaked and we hadn't cleaned up all the water in the hall.

I called my neighbor Bruce, who is a contractor and he gave me a name of someone who happened to be in our ward who cleans up after such mishaps!  I was so happy when I knew everything would be taken care of and we were on our way to cleaning this huge mess up. 

They really got to work..They tore up my carpet, took out my bathroom cabinets and drilled holes through my wall.  They also hooked up Dehumidifiers, heavy duty fans and put a huge surge protector which is plugged into my oven so we don't trip breakers.  The first night, we all slept in the boys' room.  Mike and I even TRIED to share a twin bed, it worked for half of the night.  The next night we brought our mattress from our Master bedroom into the game room and we are camped there for the time being.  My shoe closet is in the garage, I am sharing a bathroom with 3 boys and I have to traipse through a construction zone to get dressed. 

The good side??  I get new carpeting in my bedroom, maybe new cabinets and counter tops and hopefully we will be able to plug the holes, that would be nice.  I fear that our living arrangement will  be this way for a while.  Yikes!  When Josh asked why there was water everywhere in the house, I told him that someone had left the water running.  He looked at me and said, 'I am sure glad I turn off the water after I brush my teeth!!  I said, "Me, too."  Sigh...........

                    Pool Towels Soaking up the water

        You can see the water soaked in the carpet.

                        Water going into the garage

                                 Carpet coming up.

                            Taking apart the cabinets and counter tops

No More Bathroom CabinHoles in the wall to dry out the drywall

                             Holes in the closet, on the other side is the garage.

                           More fans in the hallway to dry out faster.

Cords running through the house

                             My big surge protector in yellow.

                       Oven out of order for 5 days.


Cadi said...

Oh Nicole that makes my stomach turn! What an inconvenience! As usual, you handle mishaps like that with so much grace, you are so classy.
Good luck with the headache of an unexpected remodel!

Lisa said...

i have lived through that. twice. i feel for you!!! but new carpet is nice!