Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Day 23- Crazy Day

Whew, glad this day is almost over.  Today I went to work at the school and then had to go back to the Dermatologist.  My "spot" I had removed had abnormal cells and they had to go back in and go deeper and a little wider to make sure they got all of it.  Again, I am so glad I went, but right now I have stitches and it itches like crazy.  After my dermatologist appointment, I went by my kids school to get the Art Masterpiece program situated.  I am in charge of that project this year and I will be glad when I have all the classes covered.

When I finally got home, Mike was home, thank goodness.  It is always nice to have an extra set of hands once in a while.  When I got out of my car, I decided to pick up the trash that it had collected the last couple of days in my car, so I set my keys, phone and notepad on the back of Mike's truck.  I was thinking, I am going to come right back out and get this....haha.  Of course I got into the house and my brain was checked at the door.  Mike then left with Josh and I was taking Brett to scouts.  By the time it occurred to me where my keys and phone were, Mike and the truck were gone.  I followed his path to try to find the remains of my belongings somewhere on the road. 

Luckily, the girls down the street were out playing and I enlisted them in helping me find my things.  One found my phone (the case had been separated from the phone) another found a pen and a notepad.  I never found the keys though.  Of course I have a spare, but oh man, how happy am I that I found my phone!!

After a few rounds of picking up and dropping off, we made dinner and I was ready to rest.  Josh convinced me to do one more errand which involved a quick jaunt to Kohls.  As we were perusing the kids clothes, I found myself dancing to "Umbrella" by Rihanna.  Josh looked at me funny and said under his breath so no one would here, "Mom, it is so embarrassing, please stop."   I tried to apologize but he darted off in another direction in case anyone accidentally put the two of us together.

Finally I am home, in my jammies and ready to get the kids in bed and hopefully get in a little reading time for me.  I am ready to put this day behind me and start on Wednesday.  Bring it on, at least I have my phone to conquer the day!

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Cadi said...

Oh Nichole! My heart is with you while you wait for those tests! You're day sounded hard and I'm glad you are done in your jammies also. Sleep well!