Sunday, January 30, 2011

30 Days

I have been thinking about doing this for a while. I am going to stop thinking about it and just do it. I am going to blog for 30 days. Mostly, this is for my boys. I want them to get a glimpse of my daily life for a month. Who knows, it may not be interesting to them at all, and I may be humoring myself by thinking they are going to find this valuable later on in life.

I am not going to have any rules. Some days I may talk about what happened that day, maybe I may just jot down what I have been thinking about, maybe it may be inappropriate for 18 and under. Who knows. I think on the other side of 30 days, I might learn something. Just a feeling.

I'll start out by talking about Sacrament Meeting. My dear friend, Libbi, talked today in church. The day before, I had a conversation with her and she told me she was preparing to give a talk in church on Sunday. I wished her Good Luck and mentioned that I felt that I was going to be called on to give a talk soon because all my neighbors had given talks in the last few months. Just a feeling. Well, today during her talk. Libbi went ahead and shared that tidbit to the congregation. I about died. REALLY?!! I got plenty of ribbing from this, even the Bishop called me out on it in our combined RS/Priesthood meeting. He even asked me if I was inspired as to which Sunday I would like to talk.

Looking back, I am not sure if it was a feeling or a Self-fulfilled prophecy! I will be expecting a phone call soon. Wish me luck!! On the talk and the 30 days :)


cadi said...

Much good luck on both!
I'm so excited to hear from you for 30 days straight. Awesome!

Kelli Brown said...

I'm excited that you'll be blogging more for sure. It's always a good way to stay connected with friends while we are living our crazy lives.

But sorry if you're on the hook for the talk. I have to admit that was really funny on Sunday, though. It's hard to have too much sympathy for you though since we had to speak the week before Libbi. At least we're off the hook for a few more years!! You'll be great, as always.