Saturday, October 09, 2010

Old Photos

My Mom is finally going through her old photos which are on slides and is converting them to digital. It is fun seeing old photos of your parents before you were there. The photos seem like a gift, a glimpse into their lives which makes me understand and know them better somehow. Here are a few pics of my Mom and Dad at "The Ranch." I always heard stories about this place but never had been there. My Grandparents had owned some property in New Mexico which was like a vacation spot for them. THis was around 1960.

Granny and Gramps in the Jeep and Mom on the back


This is a picture of Christmas at Granny's house. They got so dressed up!

This picture is of my Aunt Marcia and Uncle Press. I don't think I had seen a picture of him. He was a pilot and died in a plane crash when my Aunt was pregnant with her third child.

Finally here is a picture of my Grandpa Crockett. He was a policeman in Pocatello Idaho. He was such a gentle man, I never saw him in his uniform.


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Mela said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE these pictures. I might have to make copies of them if that is ok. I always heard about the ranch too. Thanks for sharing and thanks for sending us the pictures of my dad too. does she have more pictures? I would love to see them.

Gomablanca said...

Lovely pictures, really!
I like so much!
With this photos I can travel in the time... Thank's for sharing with the bloggers

Lisa said...

those pictures are great!

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