Friday, October 08, 2010


So, before I can move forward I need to put summer behind me. We have finally said good-bye to the triple digits, until May (hopefully) and I was looking back at my summer photos that I did not include on the blog.

June is our birthday month. We make it easy with the swimming pool :) Brett and Josh turned 10 and 6 this year!!

I can't believe Eclipse just came out in June! It seems it has been out forever. We had a party to celebrate. So embarassing..but oh well :) My poor friend, Andrea actually got bed bugs bites while we were at the Midnight showing. We were sitting in the theatre for about 5 to 6 hours. So we won't go back to that theatre!

We went to the lake a few times to Jet-ski. The boys love it! One time all four of us were on it and Mike's hat flew off. We turned around to retrieve the hat and as we went by to scoop it up, all four of us leaned over and we all toppled in the water. Luckily, Mike had the key tied around his wrist to kill the engine, or we would all be stranded in the lake. We were laughing pretty hard and learned our lesson hopefully! These are pictures of us with the Layton family at Bartlett lake, we brought the jet-ski and all the kids took turns riding it (with the adults on the back) we had so much fun.

Of course we love going to the DBacks game whenever we get a chance. Brett got picked to help sing the 7th inning stretch and they both caught some t-shirts that they threw out to the crowd. Brett did great singing, not to theatrical, but just the right amount of actions for a 10 year old boy. Of course he couldn't seem too pleased to be up there! Grandpa Barney went with us because Mike was still working.

One morning Josh woke up and wanted a BLT sandwich for breakfast. I said, Are you sure?? He wouldn't change his mind for nothing, so I dutifully went to the kitchen to fix my hungry boy a BLT at 7:00 am. When I came back, he fell back asleep. I put the sandwich in a baggie and saved it for lunch. I had to take a pic because I was proud of myself for being such a good mama. HaHa.

We made it to Pinetop at the end of July to escape the heat and get ourselves ready for school. The boys practiced some shooting at a gravel pit. We made our way to a lookout tower and met a man there named Alan Allen who spends his days tracking lightning strikes around the mountains. The views were amazing :) We hiked a little bit until it started to rain!

While we were in Pinetop it rained most everyday..which is heaven! One time it hailed the other times the kids just played in it. We also had fun visiting Snowflake for the Pioneer Day Celebration. We love going up there to take part in all the activities. This year Brett ran the kids 2 mile race. He was proud of himself.

Finally we are at the end where I brake my arm..not so much fun..Mike and I went with our friends to Las Vegas for the weekend. It was fun to get away. I hadn't been in a while so it was fun to walk around and of course go to Serendipity to get the Frozen Hot Chocolate. That was worth the trip!! Mike found one of his favorites..Ceaser Salad. We got this at a Steak house in Ceaser's Palace called Bradley Ogden's. The food was super good. Definately worth going back for.

One more adventure..We went to Camp LoMia as a Ward. We really had a blast. We got there early and made our own dinner. Even though we were in a Cabin, we were super cold. I was glad it was only one night!

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