Saturday, August 14, 2010

What we learned...


This week with the start of school, there was a lot of learning going on. Here is a recap.

Josh - Learned to get up in the morning and get ready for school in 45 minutes. We had two good days, the third day he missed his carpool. He just couldn't decide on which T-shirt to wear. Maybe after a day of no "Wii" he can make a faster choice. We will see...

Brett - His teacher wanted to know why he was forging his Mother's signature on his completed homework. The excuse of "My Mom broke her arm and has to write with her left hand," is an excuse he has filed away in his brain to use in Junior High.

Nicole - I realized that a purple arm cast really does go with everything quite beautifully. Also, just like a new baby, the cast is an invitation for strangers to make weird comments and tell you their personal fracture stories. I also learned the hard way not to carry two things in one hand. Spaghetti sauce is hard to get out of the carpet and one of my three pair of pants, that I can put on with one hand, had to be thrown away because of a bleaching incident.

Mike- He has become more speedy at setting my hair in hot rollers. He only pokes me in the eye every other day, He has also scaled back on his expectations for dinner which usually comes from the freezer. I also save the majority of laundry for his day off which he is totally excited about.

Let's see what next week brings!
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Lisa said...

that is so funny about the signature! not the pants though!

WTNP said...

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