Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weekend Away

We did get to go up to Pinetop this weekend to get out of the heat. The boys LOVE it up there! We walked around alot because Josh did not want to be inside. They both enjoyed just hanging out outside. Brett wanted to bring his treasures he collected inside to display. After I found more than a few bugs crawling on the kitchen counter, I made him keep his finds outside on the steps.

We stayed for five days and although I enjoyed the break from the house, the kids still followed me around like they usually do, even though Daddy was there the whole time. I wonder why they don't follow him around the cabin. They seem to migrate to me for everything they need or want. I tried to remind them that their Daddy is here too - and to go ask him for their drink!!

By day four, Mike got cabin fever and was eager to get home, I couldn't imagine why the heck he wanted to get back to a 110 degree weather but you do have to re-enter life after vacation. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Josh looks SOOO Old in the picture of you holding him! He doesn't look like a baby anymore, he looks like a little boy....time to have another one! :-) LP

Lisa said...

wow--can't believe how much Josh has changed. so glad you got out of the heat--i hear ya on the following mom though!!! gotta love it!