Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Kid Proof Washers

Yeah, Right!...When I bought these beautiful washing machines, I asked the oh- so- knowledgeable- salesman about kids getting into the front load machines. I had visions of kids opening up the washing machine while it was running. "No worries", he said..."once you set the controls, the door locks and the kids can't change the settings." Great! But, just in case, I opted for the pedestals so the controls are too high for my preceious little Rugrat. Well, he outsmarted me. First, he got a chair from his brothers room and pushed it into the laundry room so he could comfortably reach the controls and second, he pressed the Pause/Cancel button (which is the pretty pink button) and voila! One load that was almost through a wash cycle was foiled and had to be restarted from the beginning. At least I got there before he actually opened the door and sorted through the wet clothes.
Lesson Learned: Most things are Adult Proof, but a 2 year old can figure how to mess it up. Posted by Picasa

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Lisa said...

I am laughing with you--not at you!!