Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 15 WNE-123

Tonight at my Mom's house, my brother, sister (Cynthia) and I were telling stories from when we were growing up.  Some of the grandkids were listening in and thought some of the stories were amusing and some were boring.  But we enjoyed it!!  Somehow the conversation came around to me and my driving habits.  My driving record was not pretty from about 16 years old to 21.  I think I got at least 5 tickets and was involved in 3 accidents.  It was a miracle my parents continued to let me drive.  I am surprised that I was able to get insured actually!!

  My first car was a purple Cadillac with zebra interior, I inherited it from my Granny.  The back of that thing was so roomy, we could fit at least 8 people in the back (of course they were sitting on the floor and on each other's laps, but we all made it to McDonald's for lunch!!  I had to park this car in a separate parking lot from the rest of the cars at school, because the car was so low it wouldn't make it over the speed bumps!

My second car was a Datsun 200 SX. it's nick name was Winnie (WNE-123 was the license plate number).  It was a hand me down from my Dad.   This car had a stick shift.  I of course provided lessons to all my friends on how to drive a stick.   Stalling at the intersection was always fun times.  My sister Karen and I shared this car.  I remember once when I came home with the car, I was planning on heading out again and Karen took the keys to head out herself.  I started running after her, reminding her that it was my turn for the car.  She didn't really care, because she had the keys.  She jumped in the car to take off and I sprawled out on the hood of the car and held on to prove my point.  Well, she was a little crazy and she could care less that I was on the hood of the car.  She took off down the street with me on top of the carl.  Well, I quickly turned my pleading to, "It's my turn" to "Stop the car!!"  Before she went down the busy street, she finally stopped the car to let me off.  She waited for me to get off the hood, then went on her merry way.  

That is just one of many,many stories of Winnie, after I graduated from High School, the car got passed down to Karen, then to Cynthia, then it went to Pam (Jeff's wife) after they were married.   Mike had the job of selling the car.  He sold it to a deserving little family and as they were about to take off, he told them to wait and had the idea of saving the license plate.  My Mom had it framed and put in our childhood room.  Well that room eventually got redecorated and I became the proud owner of the license plate.  I am sure I have a picture of the car somewhere, but for right now, here is a picture of the plate.  Memories...


Cadi said...

Great post.

Mela said...

How funny, I was just talking to Kyle about Granny's Cadillac! DO you remember she would tell us to fold our arms when we got in the car before closing the doors so we wouldn't smash our hands.

My 1st car was a Dotson 280zx