Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 20 - UPS Day

Today is actually President's day and we celebrated it by waking up early and going to family day at UPS.  We arrived there by 8:00 am and the boys munched on some Rice Krispie squares and Capri Sun's (a step up from donuts for breakfast). There were a lot of kids diligently making posters to hold up and wave when all the UPS drivers were leaving for the day.

The Safety Motto for UPS is "The Most Important Stop of the Day is pulling into your own Driveway."  They invited the families down to tour the facility.  It was fun to see our family picture up on the wall with other families.  They want to stress the importance of safe driving!

After watching the drivers meet for a meeting and head out of the hub for the day, we took a tour of the facility which was fun.  The highlight for the kids was seeing where there Dad "works" and watching all of those big trucks head out.



Mike Barney said...

Thanks family for coming down to my work! UPS rocks! Mike

Lisa said...

that is so cool. love the breakfast treats!