Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 16 - Informercials

Everyone likes to watch infomercials.  You usually watch them and say, "Cool!"  Also, if you watch it long enough you might be tempted to buy it, but only a select few actually go to the effort to make that call.  My husband is one of those select few.  I realized his fondness for infomercials early on in our marriage when he bought the "Flobee."  This is a hair cutting tool that you attach to your vacuum.  I only wish I was kidding.  He thought that it would be cool to give himself a haircut and save money.  He tried to give his brother a haircut with it, but no one trusted it.  Surprise.

Since then we received some good and some not so good products like dehydrator, vitamins, food slicer, ab-rocker, some fake tanning stuff for me and most recently the Xpress Redi Set Go!  These suckers can cook a steak in 8 minutes and also makes omelets like a dream.  The kicker is that they were buy one get one free so we have two!   Why two?  Just in case we need a quick birthday present, we are covered.  Here is Brett opening up our newest kitchen appliance.

Sunday, we christened this little machine by making Stuffed French Toast it was really good!!  

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