Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 12- Yin and Yang

Some days are good and some days are bad.  Today is one of those days that are both, which is really not so uncommon.  This morning was great because I got to sleep in 40 minutes longer than usual, the kids got up and breakfast went smoothly.  Then it turned ugly when Brett decided his pencil swap with Josh the night before needed to be amended.  Really??  A fight over who has which pencil?  I tried to put everyone in separate corners and tabled the discussion until after school.  Luckily, they were all smiles and back to friends a few minutes before they were ready to catch the carpool. 

The next few hours were blissful.  I got to exercises and meet up with some friends to see a movie.  How cool is it to see a movie in the morning, LOVE IT!!  After the movie, I  rushed off to get the kids to a dentist appointment.  So far so good.  I should have gone straight home after the dentist, but I pushed my luck and decided to do a few errands. 

We stopped at Barnes and Noble which can be enjoyable, but Josh kept trying to lose me.  That kid never stays next to me.  He is a doddler and a dodger.  Trying to find him in the stacks of books is a lost cause.  When it was time to leave, Josh insisted on buying a book 5 inches thick entitled, "America, A  Patriots History."  I told him it was a Grandpa book and he couldn't read it.  Heck, I can't read it either.  He opened the book and started reading the words that were familiar to him like, "come" and "this" Brett meanwhile was on the floor reading a $20 Coffee table book about Baseball Stadiums.  He was convincing me that he would pay half, if I could pay the other half.  Sorry, nice try.

We then went to AJ's to find a treat.  Brett and Josh began performing Karate on each other which is perfectly normal behavior, until someone gets hurt.  I bought some yummy chocolates to try to ease the pain, Josh accepted the offering while Brett insisted I use the money for a better offering which of course involved Chicken Nuggets. 

Next stop Walmart.  The car ride involved bickering, fighting, back to friends again.  They can switch so quickly back and forth it drives me crazy.  I promised a quick trip to Walmart and I also promised some new pencils.  Of course when we first get there, Josh wants to go straight to the pencil aisle.  I am not fighting this power struggle, so I send his brother with him.  When I meet up with them 15 minutes later, they aren't where they are supposed to be, but have veered to the boys section where they have a handful of clothes in there arms.  Again, another whine-fest ensues and we head to the counter with a few tears.  Finally, we check out and head home.  This car ride home is fun because Josh doesn't want to sit in a seat, he rather sit in the very back.  We wait for about 5 minutes until he decides he rather go home with me buckled in, rather than wait on the curb outside WalMart until someone he recognizes can give him a ride home.  (I know that was bad, but hey, I gave him a choice!)

We finally get home and the peace comes back when Dad arrived about an hour later. The boys head outside to practice Fly balls and I got in my car and headed to Costco.  I found Bliss again, perusing the books there, since my Barnes and Noble stop didn't yield any peaceful browsing time.

I guess all days have the good and bad, tomorrow, we will see.  It is a Friday, so hopefully it is filled with more GOOD!!


TCL said...

Those chocolates were totally for you. Good try trying to say they were a treat for the boys. XO

The Reed Family said...

oh man was that my life you just described!! :)