Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Day 11 - Christmas Concert

I love the School Christmas Concert because it really gets you in the mood for Christmas. Even though it is always a hectic time of year, its nice to finally sit down for a little while and hear some Christmas Music. The boy's are usually singing the Christmas songs around the house a few weeks prior to the concert, so it is nice to hear what the songs are really supposed to sound like.

After the concert, Grandma gave the boys some Christmas treats. They each got one of those big long tubes filled with M & M's. Of course as we are ready to take the pictures after the concert, the treats become props.

Almost perfect by the end there. Of course Josh is not as a happy posing for a picture if he can't have any fun.  By the way, Josh's suit jacket is, of coure, Brett's from when he was eight.  He was determined to wear it to the Christmas Concert so he could dress up.  Josh can't wait to be big, this growing up business is taking longer than he can possibly stand. 

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