Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 13 - HomeRun

Day 13.  I love the number thirteen.  I got married on the 13th, I am sure not many people do that!!  I also think the engineers shouldn't avoid Floor # 13 in Hotels or Buildings.  Obviously there is a floor 13 stories high, but "they" think they can pacify the patrons on the13th story by calling it 14.  Whatever.  Sooo, on Day 13 of my 30 day blog fest,  I was able to go to Brett's school and tell him he made the baseball team he had tried out for.  He has been so sad for about 5 days because he was told he didn't make it.  Well, after some clarification as to where his loyalties lie (i.e. Little League vs. Legacy League) he was happily accepted on the team. 

I pulled him out of class, trying not to smile.  He asked what was up and I handed him the phone.  His Dad was on the other line and broke the good news to him.  He was super happy, he had practiced very hard for the last month and really wanted it.  I wanted him to remember this day, so I am glad I can document it and his happy face.

Congrats Brett!!  You earned this place on the team!


The Reed Family said...

that's awesome for brett!! oh and carter has actually lost 5 teeth now! It's crazy!! that picture must have been just before the first top one feel out. I am excited to be coming back soon! we will be there to start carter in school in august! As a car drove down the street today music blaring inappropriate words (I may or may not have yelled and threw my hands up at them to which Jim told me to stop so I wouldn't get shot) I said to him, I will definitely not miss that! You just don't really hear that so much in the states. ok and the ants...i will not miss the ants either! I think I killed a million today!

Mike Barney said...

Way to go Brett. I knew you could do it DAD!