Sunday, October 26, 2008


Josh came in the house on Saturday after riding his bike and asked to take the training wheels off. "I am a big boy Mom, I don't want training wheels!" So we took them off and when he got on his bike, I told him it would be okay if he falls. I assured him I would be right there to catch him. He started off, then chickened out. "I want my training wheels back on! I will wait until I am Five to take them off." Well, I had to go on an errand, so we packed the bike up to try at Grandma's house. When we arrived, I took the bike out and went inside to tell Grandma that Josh is going to try to ride his bike without training wheels. As we walked outside, there was Josh riding his bike like a pro. I think I did a great job in teaching him :) Here is a video of Josh a couple hours later, doing some new tricks on his Big Boy Bike. I think he is pretty great. Good Job Joshy!!

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cadi said...

Good job Joshy! SO, cute, as always. I love that Kid!