Sunday, October 26, 2008

San Diego Getaway

This is an overdue posting. We went to San Diego in September and went to Sea World. This was the kids' first time there. We had a Grand Ole Time. Josh was determined to sit down in front at the Shamu show. I stayed with him until the show started. I said, "You know you are going to get wet...Mama is not going to get wet...I am leaving you here."

He said, "It's okay Mom, I have my hat!"

So like a nice Mom, I let my kid get totally splashed while I watched from a safe 10 rows up. Sorry, but I was not going all day soaked !! I did get revenge on another ride I took with Brett. It was the rapid ride and I did end up getting soaked, but at least we only had a few hours left.

Here are some pics.

Kono's for Breakfast..This is the best place if you haven't checked it out!!

All it takes for this kid to be happy is a patch of Grass...We have to wait for Winter in AZ to get nice grass.


Mela said...

That looks so much fun! September is the perfect time for going to California, it is not as busy

Lisa said...

i love san diego. glad you had fun.