Friday, October 24, 2008

Random Day

Thought I would just list events that happened yesterday.

Woke up at 7 am
Get Brett off to school
Walk Dog
Get Ready
Receive disturbing phone call from friend regarding "Gray Hair"
Play Batman Wii
Various Household Duties
Avert Said Tragedy regarding Garden Hose
Play with Facebook, my new obsession
Get Josh off to Preschool
Go to Work - Macy's at Chandler Mall, play with jewelry and get paid
Pick up Carpool from Preschool 10 minutes late due to restricted lanes
Check Brett's backpack and grade homework
Talk to Dog Trainer who tells me I need to be an Alpha Dog - Had bad knee jerk reaction to the term "Alpha Dog" :)
Bandage and Clean Brett's injury from landing on his Bike handles after jumping off a ramp.
Get Brett dressed for Halloween party
Take kids to Grandma's for Pizza
Change Brett's costume for Halloween party after protest and tears that he hates his costume.
Go To Bunco party
Get pulled over and given a ticket for Illegal License Cover.
Loose terribly at Bunco - I must practice more :)
Come home to all children asleep.
Check email, blogs and Facebook.
Get call for Invite to High School Musical 3 movie
Go to the Midnight movie.
Giggle, laugh and have some inappropriate thoughts about Zac Eferon.
Go to bed at 2:30 am
Wake up at 7:00

Let's see what happens today. Enjoy every moment, you never know what is coming next.


Lisa said...

wasn't alpha dog a movie with justin timberlake?? all that AND you went to bed at 2:30 P.M.? lol

you are very brave to admit that you went to HSM 3 and do not even have any girls!! ha ha

cadi said...

I am totally seein HSM at the Cina Capri...No Doubt. I'll bring my kids with me to act like that's why I am so excited. I loved the peak into your day.

ps...if traffic is bad I don't mind picking up for carpool. i hate being stressed and driving somewhere! also, sorry again for Bretts injuries...nervous Bake is somewhat responsible!

Mela said...

Ohh! We just bought a Wii yesterday! that is so much fun!

Margo said...

Awesome day. You crack me up. I didn't know you worked at Chandler Mall. Just another excuse to tell Brock I need to go there!