Monday, October 13, 2008

One-Eyed Jack

Well, we added to our family. It is another boy who follows me around all day, wanting some attention and always ready for a snack.

When we decided to get a dog, I had dreams of a cuddly little thing who I could give some love too and send it outside to play. As we started our search I looked on Craigs List for puppies for sale, but Mike insisted on the pound. One Saturday, we went to the pound and found a cute puppy that we liked. After the kids had time to play with the dog, we decided that it was a good fit. I took the Adoption application to the front desk and they informed us the dog we picked out, bit a child and couldn't be adopted to a family with kids under 12. The kids were sad, but of course it was for the best.

The following weekend, we went to PetCo. They have dogs for adoption that are from various Animal Rescues. As we arrived, one dog in particular caught our attention. We played with it and also thought it was a good fit but...someone else had staked their claim, if we only got there 15 minutes earlier.

The lady from the Animal Rescue suggested we wait for about 15 minutes, because another dog was coming that she thought we would like. His name was Jack. Well, we filled out the adoption papers in the meantime and when I handed it over to them for the "Pre-Qualification." I got a funny look.

"You want an outside dog?" said the nice lady.

"Ummm, well aren't most dogs "Outside" dogs?" I said.

"Oh, no!" Not in the Arizona heat!! We need someone who is going to take care of their pets!" She continued to read my application while giving me the evil eye.

Mike chimed in, "Well, of course, the dog will come inside most of the time."

Then, Jack walked in. He was cute (relatively) and he had big ole' ears. As we knelt down to pet him, we noticed that he had One Eye! The boys played with him and loved him. Mike looked at me and said, "He has one-eye, we have to take him don't we??

Mike mentioned to the lady that we enjoy going to Pinetop for vacation. She looked at me dead serious and said, "Oh, You will have to get him a coat!" As I kind of chuckled, they told us to take a day and think about Jack before we commit.

As we left, I thought maybe next weekend we can look again for a dog. The next day they gave us a call and wanted to know if we were still interested in Jack. We told them Yes, and they arranged a "Home visit" to see if our environment was right for Jack. Lucky for us, we passed the test and Jack was ours.

The first night he was pretty skittish and it took about 4 hours for him to calm down. He put his little head in my lap and looked up at me with one-eye and I knew I was in trouble :)

Here are some pics of our One-Eyed Jack. Well, the best ones we can get so far. He is a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier Mix.

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Lisa said...

one-eyed jack. oh my gosh. that is so funny. i'm glad you got the cute little thing.