Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kitchen Sink

Life pretty much stops when you don't have a functioning kitchen sink. Yesterday, I turned on the faucet and I received a face full of water. The faucet fell off. I of course asked Josh if he had pulled on the faucet. His answer, "Brett did it."

I am not one to point fingers..haha...but last time I saw Josh he was putting his dish in the sink like a nice little boy and using the spray attachment to clean it off. I have a feeling, he gave the faucet head a nice little tug, one of many I am sure. So, I am off to Home Depot because life must go on.


Mela said...

Drew is still in the telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth stage. I asked who threw rocks in the grass the other day and he tells me, "Baby (Jaedyn) did it! Baby did it!... oh, and me too."

The Reed Family said...

I just saw the video of Josh riding his bike and can't wait to show Carter tomorrow!

Lisa said...

haley always blames anna. the baby can't be the one at fault!! ha ha

cadi said...

Why is that so funny to me??? Water in the face unexpectantly...oh my I would be ticked and then probably crack up the second later.
Thanks for sharing!