Monday, March 27, 2006

20 minutes

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It is amazing what a 2 year old can do in 20 minutes. As I was working at the table, I realized I hadn’t heard from Josh for a while. (Translation….What is he into now!) I found him in the bathroom with the whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet. No problem, we have been through this before. I pick Josh up and he says, “No, No, No Josh-ey1” Obviously, he knows right from wrong and I begin cleaning up the mess. I then hear the piano playing, Josh is singing along to his own accompaniment…I then hear a few chords that sound suspicious and I run in to the living room and Josh is standing on the piano, trying to touch the mirror on the wall. I run to grab him and he says, “No, No, No Josh-ey!” I put him back safely to the floor and go retrieve a sippy cup for him, he must be thirsty! As I round the corner to give him the drink, I hear a buzzing noise. Josh is shaving himself with an electric razor! I trade the razor for the sippy cup as he says, “No, No, No Josh-ey.” I put the razor back in the bathroom drawer and the other things he has dumped out and go back to find Josh. This time he is in Brett’s room standing in a drawer with all its contents on the floor, of course. Now, I am getting tired and grab him up. I say, “ Josh what am I going to do with you?? “ I put him in front of the TV where his favorite show “Barney” is on. He surely can’t leave the room, he loves Barney! I need a bathroom break now and when I come out, he is not watching Barney. I figure he is in the den, since he hasn’t been there yet in the last 20 minutes. Of course he is at my computer searching “Yahoo” for something important. By now, I give up and take a picture of my 2 year old and give him a big hug. He won’t be 2 for long and I am going to miss it ;-) BTW, the mess in the den was there before Josh got to it!

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Lisa said...

I knew Josh couldn't have made such a big mess!! HA HA I bet you are losing weight like crazy!!!! You must be because you look fab!