Monday, March 20, 2006

Nano! Nano!

I admit, I am one of the last ones to get one of these Ipod thingys. I call it my $149 Toilet Cleaner... I guess it is cheaper than a housekeeper. For some reason, it is more fun to clean while singing along to some tunes. (Although I can only put one earphone in, in case one of my kids puts up a 911..)
Since I am from the Mork and Mindy Generation (If you thought of Mork as you read the title... You are one too!) almost all of my CD's come from the 80's and early 90's. I guess as I got older, my discrectionary income was better spent on other things rather than expanding my CD collection. So my younger, hipper, sister-in-laws make fun of my song collection..oh well...

We had a great time at Maiya's Birthday tonight. She is 4 and cute as a button. She has really grown up in the last 6 months.
Jared had the lesson this Month for FHE and he showed all the kids how to "crack" an investigator and "baptize by fire"....Huh?... you had to be there. For a visual, he did a cool trick involving a hard boiled egg, rubbing alcohol and a match....It was a trick only Jared could pull off.
All of the kiddos had fun, except for Brett who pouted in the corner for a good half an hour. He was pretty stubborn and didn't give in - even for presents and cupcakes. He is determined.! Here are some pics of Maiya and Josh. Happy Birthday Maiya!!


Lisa said...

the ipod is an addiction! The first thing I said after getting mine--I never have to talk to a human again!! HA Can't believe how big Josh is!!

Marci said...

Nicole, I love your blog! What fun to hear more about your kids and keep up with you a bit better. Josh is adorable and I am amazed at how big he is. And don't worry, my iPod is full of 80's fact, I am listening to Wham right now. How traggic! Love ya!