Monday, April 03, 2006

Pick up your clothes!

I have a quick change artist living among us. His name is Brett and he changes his clothes every time I turn around. He doesn’t just change shirts, but shorts and shoes too. It has gotten so crazy that I decided to entertain myself instead of getting after him to always pick up his reject clothing on the floor.

I counted on Sunday just to see how many times he really changes his clothes. That Sunday, we didn’t have to go anywhere because it was General Conference and we were staying home. By the time the first session was over, he had changed three times, not too bad. We went to Grandma’s for dinner, then I came back to put Josh down for a nap. Brett stayed with his Dad to play games, so he did not get home until around 5:00 p.m. Of course as soon as he was home he changed his clothes….He later changed into his pajamas after his bath and we were up to 5 changes.

Now that I was counting and keeping track, it didn’t seem as excessive as I originally thought. I put him to bed, read a story and picked out his clothes for the next day. After I said goodnight, I was feeling better about this compulsion to change clothes. As I was cleaning up the kitchen for the night, Brett came out to get a drink. He had changed into his shirt he was going to wear the next day. He said it would save him time in the morning....right...

Total for Sunday: 6


Anonymous said...

You have SOOOO much more patience than I do!! I would have killed Eden or Maiya if they did that. Probably because they would have gotten all of the outfits dirty in the process and I hate doing laundry! :-)

Lisa said...

if you had a girl that number would double!! HA HA Just as long as his "outfits" match you shouldn't worry too much! :)