Saturday, February 06, 2010


I don't buy Sharpies, but I always have them around my house, courtesy of Mike. We have red, blue and black and I have always hid them. I haven't been very diligent lately because Josh is getting more wise in his old age and SURELY wouldn't write on the walls or counters with Sharpies.

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I can't believe BRETT hasn't learned his lesson yet. I am sure Josh will be disappointed in his big brother when he gets in trouble by his Mom. Silly Brett.


The Reed Family said...

haha! Why do our kids torment us so! Thanks so much for having Carter over. Sorry I was a few minutes late picking him up! I wish we could stay longer it is going to be hard to leave! Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Oh I feel your pain. Once when my twins were 2 they both took sharpies and wrote all over the dining room wall. Ugh! :) Thank goodness they grow up. Oh but then they become teenagers! Good luck. :)