Thursday, February 25, 2010

5 More Months

Yesterday after Brett left for school, I was cleaning up the dishes and headed for the shower. Josh was just waking up and asked me to play Wii with him.

"Mom has to get ready honey!" was my answer.


Well, okay.

"Come sit right here and snuggle with me Mommy, while you watch me play."

As I was sitting with him snuggling, I thought, how much longer do I have of these days where we can hang out in our Jammies on a Wednesday morning and play Wii and snuggle. Then it hit me..5 More Months!

I sat there, curled up on the bed with my 5 year old holding on to him, loving this time with him. Five months will travel so fast and he will be a big First Grader. These moments will become fewer, but for right now, I will take these opportunities and love to play Mario with Josh.

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Kelli Brown said...

So true! They grow up way tooooo fast. I need to keep reminding myself of that and cherish those times instead of rushing to the next thing.