Monday, February 22, 2010


Stop the presses. Two posts in one day. I think the rain has gotten to me. I just got back from Parent-Teacher conference and wanted to share my thoughts.

First off Kindergarten teacher, this is the easy one. Counting numbers, check, writting letters great, check, no warning slips sent home from the teacher, check. All smooth sailing. Then at the end she says, "Oh, one more thing I need to talk to you about." Uh heart sank. Today after school, Josh hit a kid with his umbrella. The teacher told the mother of the victim that she would have a "Talk" with me. As she was explaning it, my mind was full of reasons why Josh would do such a thing. My million excuses started with,

He just got over being sick
He is tired.
Was he provoked?
It's raining!
They were probably just playing around

But, I squashed my comments and kept them to myself. The teacher told me he was crying and he felt bad and that I needed to tell Josh it's bad to hit people with Umbrellas. Really.

On to Brett's teacher. I was prepared. We, mostly I, laughed about how much he needs to be moved. She told me he is a social butterfly. I told her, he can carry a conversation on by himself, people don't necessarily need to respond back. He has a gift. His work was great, his English grade needs to improve and we went over some other things. Then we talked about the Field trip coming up. I told her I would love to come. She said, "I wish!" We already have our chaperones lined up and you would have to pay to go. I thought, how nice, she likes me and would want me to be there. I then told her that I would have to see how much it was and I would ask Brett if he would want me to go.

As I was leaving, she said, "It would be nice if you could come, then you could keep an eye on Brett!" Ugh..I guess she wants me there for reasons other than my sweet personality.


Lisa said...

parent-teacher conferences. so fun. ha ha

The Reed Family said...

all I can do is smile...boys! if only we could bottle up all their energy for ourselves! :)