Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This past week, Josh was recognized as the Good Citizen of the month in his class. Two kids receive the nomination from their teacher and they get to be recognized in front of the school and have a special donut breakfast with their teachers.

This month's virtue is "Responsibility." The kindergarten teacher has asked the parents to write special "Love Notes" so she can see who is demonstrating the virtue at home. In the video he is receiving his Good Citizen sticker with Lilly his friend and fellow classmate. In his Love Note, I told the teacher that he cleans his room and takes out the trash without being asked. He has enjoyed the "Title" of a Responsible boy.

The other day as everyone was off to bed, I snuck a few minutes to read on the couch in the living room, which is my favorite spot to read. It was about 10 o'clock and Josh was moving from bed to couch to bed, a little restless and not able to fall asleep. He wandered into the kitchen and I heard the water in the sink come on. I didn't pay much attention and kept on reading. Then I heard some dishes being clanked around. I had started the dishwasher at 8 and it had finished, but I had some dishes in the sink that were put there after the dishwasher started. Pretty soon, Josh came up to me and said.

"I did the dishes."
"Thanks, Josh that helps me so much."
"I almost did it perfect, but the powder spilled on the floor."
"Ok, lets go see if we can clean it up."

So as we walked to the sink, all the dishes were indeed put in the dishwasher, he also managed to start it as well. I figured dishes washed twice wasn't such a bad idea. I also noticed powder leading from the pantry to the dishwasher.

"It kind of spilled everywhere" He said. Then he got out a broom and I helped him sweep up his spill.

"Mom, am I responsible?"
"You sure are!" I replied.
"Can you write a Love note to my teacher?"

Well, whatever the motivation is I like it!

Josh and his teacher Mrs. Cenzano


Lilly and Josh - Good citizens

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All three together = uber adorable

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