Monday, September 21, 2009

Change of Plans

This morning after Brett left for school, Josh emerged from his bedroom dressed for school including shoes and his backpack. So of course I told him it was too early for school (he has afternoon Kindergarten) and he slumped his backpack off with a sigh and asked if he could go play at the neighbors house. I of course told him it was too early and that he needed to come in and have breakfast and I could turn on the TV.

I was planning on jumping on my treadmill which I do MOST (uh-hum) mornings when he paused and looked at the floor and said, "This floor is dirty..we need to clean it!" So I replied that I would get to that after my workout. He said, "Okay Mom, I will get the mop out and start while you are exercising."

Darn Kid...

I don't know if he was using secret reverse psychology or was really planning on doing it, either way..I decided I needed to mop my floor. I hurried and vacuumed the floor while he followed me with the mop and we got the floor done lickity split!

After we were done, he said, "Aren't you so proud of me Mom?"
"Well of course I am!" I replied.
"Can you go to your wallet and find some gold for me?"
"Even better," I said "there is gold on the floor for your reward."
I led him to the corner of the hall where a dime and penney had been left unclaimed.
"Ohh..I love finding gold!" shouted Josh.

Me too....


shay said...

Is Josh available Saturday morning around 10:00? I'll be sure to have "gold" hidding somewhere for him to claim. Love it!!

The Reed Family said...

that is so funny!! how can I get carter to help me clean so happily? Actually Carter would probably help longbefore Hunter who flat out tells me NO!