Sunday, July 19, 2009

Seattle Trip

We went to Seattle in June to visit my sister and her family. Her daughter, Ileah was being baptized so we thought it would be a good time to visit. We hadn't been there for 5 years, so we were a little overdue! The kids had a great time reconnecting with their cousins they see about once a year and enjoying the amazing scenery in Washington.

Outside a BBQ restaurant


The kids were playing in the stream behind the restaurant while we waited for a table.


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Brett and Lloyd


Ileah, Emma and my Sis Karen


Sandbox under the patio


Space Needle


Showing off the Fire Power at Seattle Music Project

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Waiting in the Seattle Airport, Our flight was 3 hours delayed and of course we were at the airport 2 hours early! So that was the most tortuous part of the trip! The actual flight was a piece of cake after that :)

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cadi said...

Oh my...your trip looked like it was so much fun (minus the airport delays). Everything was so green with creeks and running water. Happy to have you guys home from other vacay...we missed you guys!

Mela said...

You are quite the traveler! :0) Sounds like a lot of fun. Karen looks great.

Lisa said...

it is amazing to see that other states actually have water!!! very cool.

Kristen said...

What a great trip! And so fun to see Karen in pictures! My long lost family....