Friday, August 21, 2009

Love and Logic

Mike and I have been attending the Love and Logic classes to help us improve on our parenting skills. When we first walked in, I thought wow, we are going to be part of the loser parent club, but fortunately they don't make you feel that way!! We had to get over our pride and realize we are all in the same boat. We all want our kids to turn out to be responsible, respectful adults and a little help couldn't hurt.

My favorite quote they gave us on the first day was, "You don't have to be Perfect Parents to raise great kids." Well, that frame of mind really takes the pressure off always trying to get it right and allowing you to make mistakes once in a while, because I am pretty sure we are all not perfect.

For those of you who haven't heard of Love and Logic, it is really just that. Learning to love and enjoy your kids while parenting them logically without getting yourselves into the emotional battles that can happen. How does this happen? By not Warning, Threatening or Reminding your kids. When I heard this I thought..Well, how are you supposed to raise kids without those three things?? Ahh...I guess that is why we have 6 weeks of classes :) It won't happen overnight and it will take practice for THE PARENTS to learn how to parent differently. The kids will follow our lead.

So we just finished our 2nd class and it hasn't been a perfect 2 weeks, but what a difference it is when the arguing has pretty much stopped and Brett is doing his chores without being asked...almost.

Love and Logic


Michelle Ashton said...

I did this before a few years ago. I actually got called and asked to take it. They said they wanted some good role model parents in there.... I hope that was really why! ;p

Anyway.... they paid the people in the class to go! So it was worth it. :) I learned a lot. Also now that I work at the school, I have access to all the love and logic books, videos and tapes.

Lisa said...

that is awesome!

The Reed Family said...

I love Love and Logic. I need to go re-read my book!

cadi said...

I have always wanted to take the course. I definitley need some major help over here!