Sunday, July 19, 2009

Up Next - Kindergarten

Josh graduated from Pre-school this year, which he lovingly referred to as "Lower School." He had so much fun going to Ms. Gail's preschool along with his neighborhood friends Lilly and Daisy.

For his Preschool Graduation program, his Dad came to videotape the event. Josh must have sensed this was going to be a special moment to be recorded in the history books, so he shut down and stood in place. He was not about to sing or do any actions. We finally had to put the camera away to get rid of the dirty looks he was shooting towards his loving parents. His Dad thought he could trick him by moving around the audience and be sly about shooting pictures, but it seemed to get worse when Josh spotted him again. I had to take the camera out of his hands and say.."It's not going to happen, just sit down and pretend you aren't looking at him!"

Mercifully, the program ended and Josh finally smiled for a picture next to his cool prizes he received for Graduation from his amazing teacher.

Big Smile for the camera!


Hand Stencil of Josh's profile by his teacher


Garden Stone - so cute!


Yea! Last day of school - Daisy, Lilly and Josh Celebrate..


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cadi said...

Totally onto the 'higher school'! lower school is for sissy's. haha Josh cracks me up! Gail was an amazing teacher, worth every penny!