Saturday, July 05, 2008

Nicole Needs...

I saw this and thought it was funny. You type in your name in to Google plus the word "Needs" after it. These are the top 5 phrases that came up for "Nicole needs.."

1. Nicole needs a stylist.
2. Nicole needs her sleep.
3. Nicole needs a reality show.
4. Nicole needs No Food when she can Shop Till She Drops.
5. Nicole needs pants.

Hey, these are all true! Except the No Food part, I definately need A Diet Coke and a Pretzel when I shop. :)

Too funny..I want to see your needs too!!


Anonymous said...

I'll take the sleep and new pants if you don't want them!


Mela said...

that's funny! I wonder if it will work with my name...

Spuhlers said...

That's funny! I'm gonna try that one. The game looks so fun too! How cool that they both got picked. I could see Maggie doing the same thing as Josh though, even though she'd be hillarious if she'd do it!!! So fun for Brett to be Mustard! Go Mustard! Woo Hoo!

Michelle said...

Hi Nicole. I found your blog through Mela's. ~~ Now I can keep tabs on you and see how things are. I haven't seen your in forever! It looks like you are doing great.

Michelle Mattice Asthon

Anonymous said...

1. Lynda needs to feel accepted and loved as she works to overcome the many disappointments and losses she has experienced in her young life
2. Lynda needs to stay in Seattle for four months
3. Lynda needs a familiar routine to feel safe
4. Lynda need to do Sylvia’s evaluation and discuss her salary.
5. Lynda needs a place to spend some time with her boyfriend.

That's pretty freaky!

Lisa said...

ok--i did it. oh my gosh. so funny.

lisa needs braces.
lisa needs to get a life. (true dat)
lisa needs kitchen stuff.
lisa needs a new home.
lisa needs a dog. (so not true!)

Margo said...

Ok so I had Twilight read in a day. It was so good. I am gonna start the next one soon. I doubt I will have a prob finishing the next 2 before the 4th comes out! I was so skeptical because I am not a vampire kind of person but I LOVED it!

NykiSkitts said...

Yeah I just did that and my first one was "nicole needs a boob job" and yours popped up haha