Saturday, July 05, 2008

Musturd, My Favorite

We went to the D-back game with the boys and decided to go early to watch batting practice. When we got there, they asked Josh and Brett to be the Hot Dogs for the 3rd inning, Hot Dog race. Brett wanted to be Mustard and Brett picked Relish for Josh. So at the beginning of the 2nd inning, we met at Guest Services and they told us that only one parent could go with the boys. We were going to be right next to the dug out to put on the costumes and it was a small space. As we left Dad behind, Josh started crying for Dad of course.

I tried to talk up how lucky he was and fun it was going to be standing on the baseball field, but he insisted on his Dad. By the time we got down by the dug out, I had calmed him down. The people in charge of the event, gave Brett and Josh t-shirts that read, "I was Mustard at the D-back Game" and one that read "I was Relish...." Josh thought the shirt was pretty cool. When it was time to put on the Hot Dog uniform, Josh was amused, then quickly turned to scared. He did not want any part of that uniform. Josh did not get any time to decide and they quickly found a replacement for him.

Brett was super excited and we practiced his running in place before the big event. As the time came for Brett to go on the field, Josh was clinging to my leg saying, "Come back, Brett!" I tried to snap a few pictures and managed to get a video clip of the Hot Dog race. Unfortunately, Mustard didn't win, but Brett didn't care, he loved it!

When Brett came back off the field, Josh of course started crying to be a Hot Dog and he wanted to go out on the field, now that he had seen Brett do it without any harm done.

I had to carry Josh back up the stairs kicking and screaming. Every time, I put him down, he laid down on the ground. I was so happy to finally make it back up the stairs with my kids and luckily Daddy was waiting for us. I handed Josh to him and said, "Make him Happy, I'm out of here!"

Later on in the game, Josh was down by the dug out, holding out his glove. He looked so cute with his glove in the air waiting for someone to throw him a ball. Some fan came out of the stands, and walked down next to Josh and yelled at Bob Melvin, (the coach) and said, "Hey, Melvin, Give the kid a ball!!" Bob Melvin turned around and tossed a game ball to Josh. The crowd cheered. He was pretty pleased with himself and thankfully "Happy" again.

Here is Brett as a "Mustard" Hot Dog (In the middle)

Josh and his Game Ball


Anonymous said...

Pretty Darn Funny! Good going Brett, you looked cool! :-) Auntie L

Mela said...

Oh my gosh! That is so cool, how fun!