Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thank Heavens for Rob

This morning, I woke up before my alarm which is good and bad. Good that I am not in Josh's room and Mike doesn't have to come wake me up before he leaves for work and Bad, that I am not still sleeping. Anyway, I felt good! I turned on the TV to watch the news before I got out of bed and the phone rang. It was one of my BFF's, Toni calling to say Hello. I got up to check email and get breakfast ready for the kids. I started thinking about how today I was going to make it to 25 miles today. No problem, I was ready for it.

When I got back from taking the carpool to school, I was ready and started out strong and probably faster then my normal pace. I was pretty much dying half-way through. What had happened?? I was mentally and physically ready to kill it today and I was choking!! I had to regroup because I wanted to make my goal today, it was so close. So I quickly turned my IPOD to one of my favorite songs and than played it over and over again until I made my goal. I did it. Then as I was slowing down and trying to recover, I noticed that my incline was set to 3, which isn't that much, but I have never ran 2 1/2 miles at a 3 before today. No wonder my legs are sore right now!! But Thanks to Rob Thomas, I would have never made it.


shay said...

What, Rob Thomas? The only way I could have made it through that was if I was listening to my favorite "Edward" song! :)

Anonymous said...

At least your running! I do a 10 incline at 3.5 mph and my heart rate shoots up to 175!! Crazy how out of shape I'm in. You are setting the bar! :-) LP