Thursday, March 13, 2008

DDR Rocks

So it was my birthday on Sunday and it was a pretty good one. Hey, I didn't have to do Sharing Time so that was a treat! Mike had been sick for most of the weekend, and spent most of it in bed. Brett made me his "Best Card Ever." He made sure that I knew that, because he is expecting one in return on his B-Day. My boys made cupcakes for me and they were yummy! The biggest surprise was my present. I got the Wii version of Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). I was really excited. I was not expecting it at all. Brett and I have been playing it and it is pretty addicting. Last night, after Brett went to bed, I was still playing until 9:30 when Josh finally said, "Mom..That is all okay??" I guess I need to do my motherly duties and put him to bed too.....I need a few more practices than I am ready for any Chanllengers :)


shay said...

I can't wait to come over and have a dance off! I suck though so I know you will kick my butt. It will still be tons of fun.

Anonymous said...

I haven't done DDR, but I have several friends who LOVE it! I'll take both you and shay on! LP