Thursday, March 06, 2008

Don't Talk...I'm Working

So, yesterday morning, I was on the treadmill and Josh came in to my bedroom. He jumped up on my bed and started typing on my Laptop that was lying there. I heard him typing away, so I said,

"Josh, Don't touch the computer!" "Mommy's almost done, go into you room and play with some cars."

Well, Josh immediately said, "Don't Talk...I'm Working!"

Then I thought, do I say that to him, when I am on the computer??...probably not in those exact words, but he must get that message.

So I asked him again. "Okay, Josh, Good job, your work is done! Now go into the other room to watch cartoons."

I got another "Don't talk...I'm Working" response, but soon he was down and out of the room. Well, I finished up my excercise and noticed the computer. Can you believe that he actually wiped it clean!! Seriously, the screen had a "Welcome to Windows" message with a prompt for me to select my language and Time mode. What?? In about 3 minutes time, he actually pressed the right combination of buttons to restart the computer just like you were taking it out of the box brand new. Luckily, I had some things backed up but when he said, "Don't Talk...I'm Working" I should have realized he really was!


shay said...

JOSH! What a little stink. It's almost as if he really knows what he's doing.

Lisa said...

there is just nothing like a boy. mines out of the house now! LOL

Jessica said...

I'm sorry to laugh at your misfortune, but Joshy stories always make me laugh.