Thursday, June 02, 2011

Catch Up

I want to wrap up the last bit of school, before we move on to summer!  In April we had both of my sisters come to visit with there cute kids.  I hate that they live far away and I can't see them all the time, but we pretty much stop everything that week and hang out as much as possible at Grandma's.  I wish I would take more pictures, but with a lot of kids running around you are usually using your hands helping everyone, rather than snapping pictures.   Basically the ones that are blonde are Cynthia's and the others are Karen's.  I missed Monica somehow.  She is almost 15 years old.  Sorry Monica!!

After the cousins left, Josh came down with a nasty stomach virus.  It lasted 4 days!  He was pretty miserable.  He wouldn't be a good cousin without sharing the virus though.  His Aunt, Grandma and two cousins got the bug too.  At least they made it home before it hit.  I did snap a picture of Josh, he pretty much didn't move far away from the safety of the sinks and toilet.

 After he was better, he had to make up for the 5 pounds he lost.  He had some weird cravings, one of those was S'mores!  So, he insisted that we have a campfire.   Well, I improvised and roasted marshmallows outside over a roaring candle.

Brett's piano teacher this year was his Aunt Pam.  She is a women of many talents and piano playing and teaching is one of them.  This was her first year.  She was an amazing teacher.  The recital took place at her brother's house.  Brett got a certificate award for the best sight reader!  He really is good at piano, it is just not his first love :)  The bonus of going to his Aunt's for piano is he gets to play with his cousins.  Megan is a year older than Brett and she is becoming such a pretty, talented young women!  After the recital we ate lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Barney to Cafe Rio. YUM!! 

Josh had a quick run to the Urgent Care.  He was playing Wall Ball at the baseball field.  One boy decided to throw rocks instead of a ball.  The rock hit the back of Josh's head.  I was not there, but I got a text from Mike that they went to the Urgent Care.  He said that Josh was fine, that he would just need a band-aid, but they wanted to make sure he didn't have a concussion.  When they got home from Urgent Care, this is what his band - aid looked like...

I felt bad for him!!  He was a trooper, this hasn't been his first or last visit to Urgent Care :)

Now Baseball season is over with, the boys had a great time like usual, here are a few pics of Josh's team.  We don't have team pictures of Brett's team yet.

Now it's time for the D-Back's Games.  They are on fire this season!!  It is so much fun!!

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Brett and Mike went to Scout camp for a week.  This is Brett's first camp out with the Scouts.  He received his Arrow of Light and has graduated Cub Scouts.  They are headed for the mountains to camp.  They will be getting a ton of merit badges.  They will do Archery, Canoeing, Rifles, Basket Weaving, Orienteering, Astronomy, and will end with a 10 mile hike.  Have fun Brett!!

While Brett and Mike are up North, Josh and I will hang out and do a lot of Golf Cart riding around the neighborhood, his favorite thing!!  He will be ready to drive by 12!

Bring on Summer 2011~~

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