Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christmas and New Years

I have to hurry and post this. Yes it's late, and it is hanging over me. I can't go on without checking this off my list. Must. post. Christmas pictures!

This Christmas was a little more quiet. All of my sisters and brother and their families were out of state this year. So it was just my family at my parents house. It was nice, but we missed everyone. We had lots of time to play "Sorry," Josh and Brett's favorite game, at least 20 times between Christmas and the beginning of school. How come that game never gets old for them? They also spent a couple of days building Legos, their favorite.

They also got a new game which they loved to play. It is called, "Who Knew?" It is along the lines of Apples to Apples. We played that too almost as much as "Sorry."

Christmas Eve - Nativity play with the Cousins

Christmas Morning

Giving Dad Big Hugs for their favorite presents..Lego's.

Just waiting to be formed into Battleships!

For New Year's, Mike joined his friend to visit Boston. They went to the Winter Classic Hockey Game that was played outdoors at Fenway Park. They had a great time, although I missed him on New Year's Eve. But, in the end it was worth it because he got to meet this guy.

He also got to worship at the Holy Grail for any Boston fan, The Green Monster.
Yes, he actually touched it!!

I have a million pictures of every angle of Fenway which I will spare everyone. Mike did take a couple of pictures of some landmarks that were around his Hotel. He loved Boston. I have been there once when I was 12 so my memory of Boston is limited. I remember parking on the street across from a long row of Motorcycles, a woman came up to my Dad and said, "I hope you are comfortable leaving your van there." My Dad shrugged his shoulders and said, "Yep." I also remember watching a man urinate in the street. Good memories. I think I am over my aversion to Boston and would like to visit again soon.

Quincy Market

Sameule Adams Statue

Some cool looking building. Mike said he knew I would know what it was..Nope.

On the flight out, he took this picutre of a Snow plow working hard to clear the runways! At least his flight was only delayed an hour.

Happy New Year--2010

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Lisa said...

love boston! lego's not so much. ha ha