Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lucky Kid

Brett and I went to the Suns game this week. Mike is working late this busy season, so Brett was my Date!! Our budget was $20 and Brett thrives on a budget..He opted to take the light rail instead of paying for parking. When you take the light rail to an event at US Airways, your ride is free with your tickets. So Brett opted for the free transportation. When we got off at our stop, we were looking for dinner. We decided to have hot dogs and share a soda. He relented and went with a Diet Coke, because he knows I am alergic to anything else! The kid loves his Mama :0)

As we made our way to our seats, which are quite awesome, we realized we have some new neighbors. Amare Stoudemire's family sits next to us. We found out that this new seating arrangement has its perks. Before the game started, the Sun's promoters were handing out these cool Amare sunglasses to only a certain section. When I commented on the glasses to our new neighbors, we were quickly given a couple of pair.

Then after we finished our food, they announced the winners of the free Peter Piper pizzas. You guessed it, Sec. 123 row 3..our row. That has never happened to us before, must be our new lucky charms seated next to us. Brett was super excited and he also was sad he already spent money on his food!!

At half time, Brett had $9 left that was burning a hole in his/my pocket. We headed to the Suns team shop where he was determined to find something. Well, of course, most things he wanted were more than his budget. I think that he turned over every item in the store. When we were about to check out, he eyed a flag behind the cashier and it was $8! Sold! He was happy with his purchase and we made our way back to our seats. One of the team Doctors that sits in front of us, handed Brett some new purple wrist sweat bands from the locker room. He gave it to Brett and said that he picked them up from Nash's stash and he appreaciated how good Brett was being tonight. Well, I could not convince him to return his flag to the shop, he was quite content with his goodies.

Brett was ready to go after the beginning of the 4th quarter. Since we took the light rail, it takes about an hour to get home. So we headed out early. Brett said goodbye to his friends and I said Goodbye to the Christian Louboutin shoes worn by Amare's wife. I was a lucky girl too, I got to stare at these amazing shoes the whole game, I almost took a picture, but I thought that would be a little weird. Of course, googling them is not weird at all.


The Reed Family said...

Wow what a night! If we lived closer you could have sent Josh over to our house while you had a date with Brett! Have a great Christmas!

Kelli Brown said...

Sounds great, Nicole! Do you guys have season tickets?

Lisa said...

i would have wanted to take pics of the shoes too! i don't know who amare is but that sounded fun and i have shoe envy now! lol

Mela said...

That sounds so much fun! I love the shoes too!