Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lego City

My living room is no longer mine. It has been taken over by a Lego City. I never actually had any furniture in that room before, becuase I just couldn't bring myself to buy a nice dining room table. I had dreams of my boys playing tag around it and jumping over the table to get to their room while chairs were being throw down. So, instead, it is filled with legos.

Apparently, there is a method to the madness, it is quite a layout. There is a Lego City, with battle ships ready to go to war. There is a Cantina and a Cafeteria, Training Center and Rocket Station. We have a number of lego builders in the neighborhood that have helped contribute to the creation. The boys even have each other labeled as "Master's" or "Beginner's". "Master's" have successfully built a lego ship that has won a battle.

It has been fun to listen and watch them interact with each other and be proud of what they have built. I wonder where we are going to put the Christmas tree?


Kelli Brown said...

As it should be. Dining room tables are way over-rated anyway.

The Reed Family said...

Wow Carter would be in Heaven!!!

Malorie - Booster said...

Hi.These looks nice. pictures is also good