Sunday, November 15, 2009

Josh's Turn

Finally it is Josh's turn to play a sport! He has been waiting so long for the family to watch him play. He has really enjoyed playing coach pitch. He plays the position between the first and second base in the infield. He has caught a pop fly and made a few "Outs!"

His goal is to get a home run sometime this season. He usually just motors around the bases until his coach can stop him. I think one of these days he will make it around all the bases, that will be the best! Here are some pictures of the Lil' Slugger.



Lisa said...

he is just too darned cute!

The Reed Family said...

I was thinking we should put Carter in baseball here. He has never even played yet! But they take baseball VERY seriously here so I think it would be a good place for him to learn! I will have to look into that.
And sadly we are not coming home for Christmas this year, I am a little devastated but trying to be positive. Carter asks about his cousins and friends in AZ ALL the time so I am so sad he won't get to play with them! It breaks my heart because there are VERY few little boys Carter ever gets to play with and I know he misses Joshy!! But at least we can have Jim all to ourselves for a month! That is a perk!