Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Twilight

So I was one of the crazy people that stood in line from 5 pm to Midnight. I felt compelled. I rounded up my friend Andrea, who is another crazy person and we brought our folding chairs and snacks and camped out among the teenagers. We weren't the only ones who thought we looked out of place. The news crews seemed to flock to us to figure out why two obviously normal (beautiful) women would feel the need to sit in line for 7 hours to wait for a new movie.

We were on two news stations and enjoyed our 15 minutes of fame. We were eventually joined by 8 other friends and family that were grateful to us for the great spot in line. They even brought Golden Spoon. Well Midnight finally came and as we watched the movie, I found myself feeling disappointed - BIGTIME- about the film adaptation of the book. Wow. I really didn't like it.

The next morning I still felt the same way and vowed I could never see it again. Until Saturday came around and we decided to give it another chance. Mike wanted to see it and we went with Andrea and her husband too. It would be nice to get some opinions from "Non-TwiHards." After the movie, I looked at my friend and could not believe how much I enjoyed it. I was so happy that I actually liked it..All was right with the Twilight world again.

So please, if you didn't like it the first time...Go see it again. I think you will be surprised, I know I was.

Here are a couple of pics

Andrea and Me

Here are some people we met while standing in line.
(The girl in the pink gloves, Sesa, was first in line at 8:30am)


The Reed Family said...

Haha I love it! I am sad I missed you two in the spotlight though! that is hysterical. I am going with some friends on Tuesday to see it...So far it seems most people have liked it.

Michelle Ashton said...

I haven't seen the movie. I was invited by 2 different groups of people, but chose not to go. First of all... I didn't want to fight the crowds. And second, I wanted it to die down bit. I have heard mixed things about it. Some say they didn't like it and some say they LOVED it. So hmmm... I am trying to decide when to watch.. Now or when it comes out on video. ???

cadi said...

Sesa mentioned to me several times about how "cool" and "fun" my friends are. She told me she wore the outlandish gloves so she could wave her hands in the air and her friends could see her. I am still waiting her explanation on the buttons! :)

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Maybe I will have to read this book!

M ^..^

Ryan and Jessica said...

Andrea asked me if I wanted to go and Ryan tried to get me to, but I didn't want to purposefully add to the black circles under my eyes, but it would have been fun. I can't wait to see the show. Send me an email and let me know yours and Josh's schedule so we can get together.

Lisa said...

i hated it. maybe i should see it again. or maybe not. LOL