Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fire Station

Josh's preschool went on a Field trip to the Fire Station. The little kids had such a great time and they seemed so big, I took a couple of pictures.

As I was downloading the pictures, I found a picture of some "Art" by Josh. I think he was so proud, he had to take a picture. When I saw it, I was able to locate the mural on Brett's furniture and erase it with the help of Mr. Clean. Well, at least we have a picture for posterity!!


Mela said...

Thank goodness for Mr. Clean!

The Reed Family said...

I need to get a magci eraser or something... I have found several art projects on our walls here. Carter never wrote on the walls in AZ. It must be the age! Can't wait to visit at Christmas, I asked Carter if he wanted to play with Joshy and I got a loud YES!! :)

Lauren Porter said...

Gotta love boys!