Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cleaning out my Closets

So what have you been doing since school started? I have cleaned out almost all of my closets and sent 17 garbage bags full of clothes, etc. to Deseret Industries. As I was loading them into my car, I could hear Lynda (My Sis-in-Law) in my head screaming, "Why aren't you putting this stuff on Ebay!" First of all, too much work. Second of all, too much work. I rather take the tax credit and call it a day.

My next project is to scan some pictures that are stacked on my desk. I need to do it soon, because if not, it won't get done till after Christmas! This year I am the President of the PTA at Brett's school and Fall activities are going to come fast and furious. I can't wait for Christmas vacation all ready :).


Anonymous said...

pretty funny! I actually have been to lazy to even do Ebay lately, it's been "DI" for me too! It is alot of work. Bet you have alot of room now with 17 bags gone! :-)

Lisa said...

you are hired to come do the job at my house!