Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm Sick, Gimme a Break..

I started sneezing while I was outside watching a baseball game, so I thought it was my allergies, but...It kept going. Despite my great efforts to deny this cold any space in my body, it overtook me anyway. The next day, I was pretty miserable. Sneezing every second and a soar throat to ensure this was a cold. I wanted to curl up in my bed and hide, but as a Mom, you don't have that luxury. So I went along my way.

I planned to go to the temple that morning and I went ahead because at least I can sit quietly for a good hour and a half. I had my kleenex's and tic tacs and I was good. The rest of the day required errarnds and cleaning and kids. By the evening I was pretty much done. With my boys, you need to keep on top of what they are up to or else it can turn into a free for all pretty quickly. I was tired, so my mothering skills had started to slip. Mike didn't get home until 9:00 pm because it was Young Mens so the night kind of took a turn for the worse. Here is my scenario. If you don't have boys, maybe you can get a peek to the other side. I know growing up with all girls, I had no idea.

Dinner - Sandwiches outside on the picnic table. Good for me because easy prep and easy cleanup. Also, the birds can pick up the floor..that is their territory. Brett and Josh decided to have fun with eachothers meals. Brett put rocks in Josh's sandwich and Josh dumped punch on Brett's. When Brett asked for another sandwich, I told him too bad, he should have eaten faster.

Bathtime - I sent Brett to the shower ( he is 7 and can handle this himself..usually). He took this opportunity to streak around the house and Josh joined him. Now, when two boys are running around the house naked, nothing good can come of it. Brett told me to come quick because Josh is peeing in the sink..huh? When I got to the bathroom, he showed me a few places he thought would be fun to pee. Hmm, Now I have to clean the whole bathroom to make sure I'm covered.

Bedtime- Yea right. This turned into baseball practice with the culmination of a light being shattered. I swear I put the bats and balls outside everyday, but they keep coming back!! After Baseball practice, its wrestling practice. Soon, I have to put each child in separate ends of the house and turn off the lights so everyone can go to bed.

Finally the day is over until Dad comes home from YM and brings treats for the kids. Great..Dad it's your turn this time, I'm outa here. :)


Spuhlers said...

gotta love sick days! I'm sorry you were so sick. I keep telling my body, sorry! no time for that, but yeah, when it decides to tell me too bad back, it's usually a doozy. thankfully Dave, our only boy in the house, doesn't do that potty trick either, ha ha!

Lisa said...

sorry you were feeling bad. i vaguely remember dallas causing all sorts of holy terror on me! ha ha but look at him now--it's all worth it!

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand your boys! I would seriously have them in military camp, you are a saint Nicole! :-)

shay said...

That last comment must have been from Lynda. Only she would send her kids to Military Camp. Anyway's hilarious story, but totally nasty too. Josh is to much like his daddy...peeing where he's not suppose too. :)