Monday, April 14, 2008

Baseball Season

I love Baseball Season. It is fun to watch the kids and hang out. Mike is coaching this year, so we are there early and stay on Game days that means no cooking dinner for me...yay! This year the kids can catch, throw and hit pretty well. They really get a sense of accomplishment because the team is actually working together rather than all converging on the ball and crying when they don't get the ball.

I have also been working part time so that is keeping me a little more busy than I am used to. I have probably bitten off more than I can chew, of course, because I think I can do everything, sound familiar?? So I have had to learn to back off and take baby steps. I am so ready to move forward and I am going to have to wait until my family is ready to move with me.

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shay said...

We LOVE baseball season too. What a difference a year makes. I know Kyle is alot more serious this year instead of just wanting to goof around. Brett looks good out there. We'll have to come and check out a game soon.