Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pretty Toes

"Look Mama, Pretty Toes." Josh walked in to the kitchen to show off his first pedicure. I must say I was a little shocked and horrified to think of the scene of the beauty school moment. I commented on a job well done, then I wanted to find where he polished his toenails. He led me into the bathroom , where I could smell the nail polish as I turned the corner. To my amazement, I did not find a puddle of pink nail polish on my carpet. He pointed to the cupboard where I found a bottle of nail polish on the bottom shelf. The lid was askew, so I could tell someone had used it. But where did he actually paint his toenails?? Who knows, he did a great job, maybe he can do Mommy's toes next time. Posted by Picasa

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Lisa said...

that is too cute!!!