Saturday, May 07, 2011

Day 30 - What I learned

So Day 30,  3 months later.  What I learned is that life is unpredictable.  We plan for what life may bring, but hopefully we have prepared to handle what life actually serves.   I have learned that as a family we need to be able to navigate our way toward our goals together.  If life puts a road block in our way, we all need to make the adjustment to get around it and back on to the right path together. 

This last month we have had some craziness for sure, but one opportunity that I have had has changed me forever, is the opportunity to give Missionary Lessons.  My current calling in the ward is a ward missionary.  I have never had that calling before, and was looking forward to this new experience.  Recently, my partner and I have been able to give 2 discussions to an investigator and his wife.  The first time, I was nervous for sure, but with preparation and the knowledge that I know that the Spirit is doing the teaching, not me, I was calm.  What a wonderful teaching moment for the investigator and ME!  The second lesson, I was more confident in my ability and I hope I will have a 3rd opportunity.  I know we need to turn the investigators over to the full-time missionaries soon.

It is an amazing feeling to be a part of that process, even if the investigator chooses to be baptized or not.  The joy is in teaching the gospel.  I know that navigating this life is much easier when we know where our destination lies.  Our goal is being together as a family forever. 

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The Reed Family said...

what a great experience. I loved when jim was a ward missionary because i felt like i received experiences through him...i was looking at all the baseball pictures and showed my boys the baseball video of Josh and i started wondering if you guys do fall baseball? We will be there from July until about march and i really want to put Carter in baseball but we missed this spring and won't be there for the next spring season. So I was going to get your thoughts on fall ball. He is DESPERATE to play a sport and we haven't had a chance to sign him up for anything yet! I take them outside and throw the ball around quite often but he wants to be on a team! :) He BEGS me all the time so we really need to get the 'ball' rolling! :)