Thursday, January 22, 2009


In December I went on a cruise with my Sister in Law, Lynda. Why would I take a cruise during Christmas?? Because she called me and said, "I'm on the website and I am signing us up to go on a cruise, Can you come??" Since you put it that way..okay. I have never been on a cruise before so I only had "The Love Boat" and "The Titanic" to draw from.

When we arrived in San Diego we headed for the Big Ship parked in the ocean which was named "The Elation." We were lead through a security check and a Hotel style check in, at a warehouse on the dock. They gave us these cool cards that had our names on it and we could use it just like cash on the boat. No need to carry around money.

When we boarded the boat, I was immediately reminded of my BYU Dorm. It was small and the rooms were very close to each other. People had there doors opened along the hall..just like dorm life. We decided to keep our doors closed for now until we met our new neighbors.

We had an attendant outside our door, who knew our names and welcomed us aboard. Every time we went in and out that day and the next, he was there smiling and asking if we needed anything. When we came back to our room, we could tell someone had been in. Our towels were folded into funky animal shapes and they left little chocolates on the pillows.

Our first duty was of course to EAT! After the first meal, we had to meet in the Show Lounge with our life jackets to go through the safety procedures. We sat down by three gentlemen who started flirting with us. They were trying to find out where our rooms were and made plans to meet us for dinner later. By the way, did I mention they were septuagenarians?? (Okay, so I had to look that up in the dictionary..It means someone between the ages of 70 and 80..haha)

The rest of the trip went like this.

Get up
Work Out
Get Ready
Lay out/read/nap
Hang out

Not bad for a vacation, right?? The only catch is you are rocking back and forth the whole time. Some people who have taken cruises say they can't feel it. I don't know if it was the time of year or what, but I felt it the whole time! Good thing I had Bonine and this motion sickness patch stuck to my neck the whole time. My stomach was fine, it was my head that was spinning :)

One bonus was I bought a soda card for $15 for unlimited soda the whole trip. I made sure I made good use of that..I always had a Diet Coke in my hand..Ahhhhhh.

I also was part of the nightly entertainment. I was picked to be a part of the Hypnotist group. I was pretty scared when I first went up there, but I really tried to clear my mind and breath. After a few minutes, I saw the lights go out and felt that I had to do what he was suggesting. It was an odd feeling. I was more aware as the time went on and kind of came out of it at the end. I kind of remember hugging the guy next to me and laying down in his lap. But I'm pleading the 5th on the rest!! Who knows, maybe I'm on YouTube somewhere out there in cyberspace..I'm sure if I run for office will strangely resurface.

So will I go on a cruise again?? You bet, but next time my husband comes with me and hopefully a few friends and family. I definately want to make a few more stops along the way. We just hit Cabo for about 5 hours and that's it. Otherwise we were on the boat for 3 1/2 days!!


Michelle Ashton said...

FUN!! I have never been, but would LOVE to go. Quinn and I keep talking about that and Hawaii. :)

Lisa said...

you have to go to alaska once. that is an incredible--and the only one i've been on--cruise!

cadi said...

Love that itinerary: Eating. That was totally us on our cruise. We didn't work out though...Kudos to you on that!

The Reed Family said...

Make you next cruise in the caribbean! Jim wants to go on a cruise so bad! I may need one of those motion sickness patches! Sound like it was relaxing! Oh and yes, I do play the piano but I am by no means amazing. I am excited to play more though.