Sunday, April 22, 2007

Clean Desk Award

At Brett's school, he brings home a clean desk award each time the teacher checks to make sure all of his things are in order and in the right place. Well, he has brought the idea home....

One night after Mike and I had come home from a night out, I walked into the office and noticed my desk particularly neat. Now, I am organized, but my office is not always orderly. So when I walked in on a clean desk that I knew I had not organized, I began to panic a little. First I called Mike in to ask if he cleaned the desk (pretty much knew that answer but I still needed to check). Then I thought the babysitter did it (again, I was pretty sure she didn't do it, but had to go down the list of most likely suspects). Then as I realized who was next on my list of culprits, I noticed that my papers, bills, misc. notes, etc were no where to be found.

I started to panic and called Brett in. Here is the conversation....

Me: "Brett, did you clean my desk??"

Brett: "Yes"

Me: "Why??"

Brett: "Becasue there was not enough room for the computer"

Me: "Huh?"

Brett: "Mom, there were too many papers, and I can't play my video game with all the stuff around.

Me: "Where are all the papers?"

Brett: "I put them in a pile on the floor"

Me: "Thanks, Brett....."

Okay, I was having a breakdown until I went through my things to make sure everything was still there and he didn't shred or throw any thing away.

I am not sure I can compete with Brett's organization skills. I am sure I can learn a lesson or two.

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